• Article: Why Doctors Need Leadership Training
    October 19, 2018

    The good folks at Harvard Business Review penned a nice article making the case for physicians receiving leadership training as part of their education or carerer progression. Here's the gist: Although medical trainees spend years learning about physiology, anatomy, and biochemistry, there are few formal avenues through which trainees learn fundamental leadership skills, such as how to lead a team, how to confront problem employees, how to coach and develop others, and how to resolve conflict. This is likely worth the read (2 minutes). ... read more

  • Concept Map for Healthcare M&S
    October 19, 2018

    Hers's a concept map that I built specifically to demonstrate where - at very high levels - modeling and simulation can be used or are being used within the comprehensive healthcare domain. I originallybuilt this to demonstrate to healthcare educators and trainers that simulation and modeling are related, and that there are use domains outside of their area of focus. Modeling and simulation helps us to better understand systems, when used correctly. I can think of very few systems that are more complex than healthcare - and that demand a level of understanding and analysis that can likely only come from a comprehensive analytical and system model. Click for a larger version. ... read more

  • Request for Participation
    March 29, 2018

    The US Army Medical Research & Medical Materiel Command, Joint Program Committee-1 (JPC-1), Medical Simulation & Information Science Research Program (MSISRP) seeks input from providers of medical simulation software, part-task trainers and equipment. Specifically, MSISRP/JPC-1, as sponsor of the Advanced Modular Manikin (AMM) project, seeks information that will inform future phases of the AMM. On behalf of MSISRP/JPC-1, MilTech at Montana State University is working in partnership with the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center to identify companies and researchers with technologies that may be effective for this project. We have identified your organization as having potentially releva... read more

  • 47% of a surveyed population would use an AI Doc.
    March 06, 2018

    Accenture recently releaased their 2018 Consumer Survey on Digital Health . There are a lot of interesting insights relevan to digital data collection and use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) supported health care. Patients like the availability, time savings and personalized insights from AI. When asked whether they would use an artificially intelligent virtual doctor provided by their health service, nearly half (47 percent) say they would use it because it is available whenever they need it. Some, however, say they like visiting their doctor (29 percent), they do not understand enough about how AI works (26 percent) and they do not like to share their data (23 percent). Healthcare consume... read more

  • Precision Medicine Will Transform the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Industries
    March 01, 2018

    The folks at Strategy + Business posted an article on how precision medicine will transform the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries that's likely worth your time to read. Precision medicine is an overarching approach that is still being refined (and likely will continue to be refined for many years to come). The idea behind it is the very specific tailoring of care to a patient's very specific needs - needs baased upon everything from things such as the genetic makeup of a cancer to the patient's genetic predistpositions, physiology, and gut biome. This article lays out a number of the current and pending ways that precision medicine will be both disruptive and transformational. Across... read more