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I/ITSEC Special Event: Entering the Commercial Healthcare Market

1 November 2013 by NCCMMS

SSIH LogoThis Society for Simulation in Healthcare sponsored panel, titled "Entering the Commercial Healthcare Market," will help Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference (I/ITSEC) attendees - typically defense modeling, simulation, and training industry members - to better understand the challenges and potential rewards that come from diversifying into the commercial healthcare M&S market.

The event takes place at I/ITSEC in Orlando, Florida on Tuesday, 3 December from 4-5:30 PM.

The commercial healthcare system in the United States serves more than 311 million people at a cost of $2.7 trillion dollars-nearly 18% of the Gross Domestic Product. A 2010 study by the Commonwealth Fund found that Americans spend twice as much as residents of other developed countries, but get “lower quality, less efficiency and have the least equitable system” when compared to Great Britain, Germany, Netherlands, Australia, and New Zealand. In fact, 50% of all the money spent on healthcare worldwide is spent on just 5% of the world population.

IITSEC LogoOur healthcare cost and quality problems can be positively impacted through the expanded use of M&S. M&S techniques, tools, and products can be leveraged to improve patient safety (a training and expertise issue) as well as business processes (via analytics). The defense M&S industry can leverage its M&S development and adoption expertise in this healthcare M&S market. This panel will present a cogent analysis of the commercial healthcare M&S market, discussing typical requirements and research endeavors and hearing from two defense companies that are diversifying into this market. Questions from the audience will be entertained throughout the presentations.

The panel is moderated by C. Donald Combs, PhD, Vice President and Dean, School fo Health Professions at Eastern Virginia Medical School.  Panelists include

  • Mary Patterson, M.D., Director, Simulation Center for Safety and Reliability, Akron Children's Hospital;
  • Roger Smith, PhD, Chief Technology Officer, Florida Hospital Nicholson Center;
  • Bev Seay, Vice President, Global Integrated Enterprise Solutions, CAE; and,
  • Rear Admiral (Ret.) Gary Jones, Vice President, Operating Manager, Advanced Modeling and Simulation Technology and Operation, Alion Science and Technology


Register to attend the I/ITSEC Event at www.iitsec.org.

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