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3D technology from the film industry improve rehabilitation for stroke patients

20 December 2013 by NCCMMS

"Researchers in Gothenburg have been using 3D technology from the film industry to analyze the everyday movements of stroke patients. The results, which are reported in a doctoral thesis at the Sahlgrenska Academy, indicate that computerized motion analysis increases our knowledge of how stroke patients can improve their ability to move through rehabilitation."

It's always interesting to hear how technologies popular in one industry and designed for to support entertainment "jump" the artificial boundary into a totally different industry and use case.  It's similar to finding that thalidomide, which was once prescribed as an anti-nausea drug for pregnant mothers, but which caused tremendous birth defects, is now useful to treat certain types of cancers.  

Jumping from entertainment oriented technologies into rehabilitation is very interesting.  We remain interested in other non-healthcare modeling and simulation technologies that can be applied in novel ways in the healthcare arena.

Read the announcement here.

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