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Virginia Biosciences Health Research Corporation Request for Proposals

18 September 2013 by NCCMMS

The Virginia Biosciences Health Research Corporation (VBHRC) is designed to improve human health by accelerating translational research through collaborations between Virginia research universities and industry.  Specific goals include:

  1. Establishment of stronger working partnerships between Virginia academic research universities, the biotechnology industry, and health delivery systems that directly lead to an increase in: collaboration efforts and movement of ideas & technology from academia to industry and health delivery systems.
  2. Creation of an environment that fosters relationships that will make Virginia a national leader in university/industry collaboration, innovation, company formation and job creation.
  3. Improvement of the health of Virginia’s citizens and of Virginia’s economy through investment, innovation, job creation, and improved patient care.


Proposals (announcement, PDF) must come from collaboration between at least two VBHRC sponsoring research universities and one industry partner in the biosciences field.  Sponsoring organizations include Eastern Virginia Medical School, University of Virginia, Virginia Commonwealth University, Virginia Tech, and George Mason University.

Contact Mike Grisham, President and CEO of VBHRC at mgrisham@vbhrc.com with questions.



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