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Augmented Reality is Coming

7 January 2014 by NCCMMS

Augmented reality (AR) use in healthcare  is very interesting.  Augmenting the treatment environment with helpful information, such as patient vitals and system status, will help to increase team shared situational awareness.  AR will become a true game changer, though, when we can augment a care team's view of the patient with critical patient-specific information, such as imagery, arterial/venal pressures and the like.  The point of AR in healthcare is to give the patient care team accurate, consistent, timely information that will help them to remain focused on core task.  

Communication errors and inefficiencies between caregiving team members are a major contributor to patient safety errors.  Any approach that helps to alleviate communciation errors is worth pursuing.

From the article:

Typically, when people think of AR, they imagine glasses and screens that present new layers of content on top of real world images. This traditional model will still play a significant role in the future. However, there’s another aspect to AR that will be important, specifically in the healthcare industry and that is the ability to instantly display relevant information to people who need it most.

Link to the article.

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