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Intro to Healthcare Modeling & Simulation Workshop

11 March 2014 by NCCMMS

Healthcare Industry Workshop

Presented by National Center for Collaboration in  Medical Modeling and Simulation

17 April 2014 - Open to all MODSIM World Attendees

Introduction to Medical M&S

The Technology, the Needs, and the MarketThis Workshop is intended to give individuals who do not directly conduct business in the US Healthcare system with a basic understanding of the system. With a focus on healthcare modeling and simulation (M&S), individuals will learn how the healthcare industry is structured, where M&S is used today, how M&S is used today, how to discover/uncover gaps and needs, and where potential M&S opportunities can be found today and in the future. The workshop will culminate in a discussion-based walk-through of the process to take an M&S technology from concept to market. The individual will leave this work-shop with a basic understanding of the healthcare industry and the M&S user community within that industry. Further, the individual will understand the challenges associated with developing an opportunity into a product within this market.

Flier available here.

Contact Bob Armstrong armstrrk@evms.edu • Taryn Cuper cupertt@evms.edu

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