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Virtual Healthcare

12 December 2016 by NCCMMS

There's a recent article in the Harvard Business Review (metered paywall) about the efforts of Brigham and Women’s Hospital to begin providing virtual care to patients.  This is an interesting concept that many hospitals and institutions are working towards.  The necessity for this type of change is being driven by the connected nature of individuals along with the unofficial mandate to reduce overall healcare costs while delivering care to more chronic sufferers.  It is a way for medical care to offer care for people suffering from less serious/chronic illnesses -- when the pipeline for care is being filled by people suffering from serious/chronic illness.

The idea is that some things just do not require an in-person visit.  Think about it - how many times have you made an appointment that was a follow up to an earlier treatment - one where the physician had to see you but really did not provide any treatment?   These types of visits may be able to be virtualized.  

Making this move is challenging, because the side of the industry that manages payments needs to catch up to this concept.  Also, physicians need to determine what works best for their practice - including theier style of care and their patient population.  It is worth following this subject as the transition matures.

What does thsi mean for simulation?  Lots - this is a new care model, and caregivers will need to acclimate not just to the technology, but to how to best interact with the patent in order to ensurethe best care is truly delivered.

Read the article here.

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