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Request for Participation

29 March 2018 by NCCMMS

The US Army Medical Research & Medical Materiel Command, Joint Program Committee-1 (JPC-1), Medical Simulation & Information Science Research Program (MSISRP) seeks input from providers of medical simulation software, part-task trainers and equipment.  Specifically, MSISRP/JPC-1, as sponsor of the Advanced Modular Manikin (AMM) project, seeks information that will inform future phases of the AMM.

On behalf of MSISRP/JPC-1, MilTech at Montana State University is working in partnership with the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center to identify companies and researchers with technologies that may be effective for this project. We have identified your organization as having potentially relevant technology which may meet the MSISRP/JPC-1’s interests. Responses will provide the AMM project with a baseline list of potential module developers.

Full details are available at the following MilTech Virtual Industry Day (VID) website: https://www.virtualindustryday.org/jpc1/jpc1.html

To date, AMM activities funded by MSISRP/JPC-1 have focused on the development of a comprehensive set of standards, data models, communication protocols, and an open-source, core software system that will eventually allow third-parties to create plug-and-play devices and equipment to plug and play module that would use all resources provided by the development platform.  The goal of this MilTech request for participation is to obtain information about devices and equipment that are, or can be, modularized to integrate with the AMM core system when it becomes available.  

If your organization is interested in this opportunity, please fill out the VID website response form for “Advanced Modular Manikin” (https://www.virtualindustryday.org/jpc1/manikinform.php) as soon as possible. The deadline for submissions is April 13, 2018.  The form should take approximately 15 minutes to complete.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Brian Tell at 734-451-4254, or via e-mail at btell@the-center.org.

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