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47% of a surveyed population would use an AI Doc.

6 March 2018 by NCCMMS

Accenture recently releaased their 2018 Consumer Survey on Digital Health.  There are a lot of interesting insights relevan to digital data collection and use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) supported health care.

Patients like the availability, time savings and personalized insights from AI. When asked whether they would use an artificially intelligent virtual doctor provided by their health service, nearly half (47 percent) say they would use it because it is available whenever they need it. Some, however, say they like visiting their doctor (29 percent), they do not understand enough about how AI works (26 percent) and they do not like to share their data (23 percent).

Healthcare consumers are increasingly comfortable with options such as robot-assisted surgery. Respondents were asked to imagine they required spinal surgery to fix chronic, debilitating back pain from degenerative disc disease. In this scenario, before they are informed of the benefits, about one in three would prefer AI-assisted surgery and surgery planning over traditional approaches. More than half (56 percent) would prefer AI-assisted surgery after learning about its benefits (these benefits were based on real clinical data). Younger people are more open to robot-assisted surgery. Before being informed of the benefits, 46 percent of those aged 18-44 would prefer it.


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